Work in Progress: Temperature Blanket 2016

I keep seeing temperature blankets on Instagram, and it’s tempted me to make one!

The idea is simple: at midday (ish!) every day, check the temperature, and crochet a row or square the colour you have decided for that temperature.

These are the temperature ranges I have chosen, and the colours for each range:

Where we live, we never get temperatures below -6 degrees or above 32 degrees (and I’m hoping it stays that way!) so the purple and red are unlikely to be used. We are having quite a mild January, which means the first five squares were all the same colour! We have dropped a couple of degrees in temperature today, so I’ve done my first colour change. It’s oddly exciting!

Temperature Blanket
I have decided to do little granny squares instead of rows. The are three inches big, and are just three quick rounds. I’ve been joining them as I go too – it’s the first time I have done this so quite pleased with the result. At the moment, I’m undecided how many squares will be in a row, and how many rows there will be. 366 doesn’t seem to divide up neatly! The yarn is double knit – it is a mixture of brands as I am using what I already owned. That said, a lot of them do seem to be from the Stylecraft Special limited edition pack.

It feels very British making a blanket based on the weather, but I’m enjoying it!

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