WIP Wednesday – 7th September

Hey! So another week has passed. How has yours been? We have been really busy – we moved house last Wednesday, which is why I didn’t manage to post my weekly WIP update. I did manage to finish the pink mermaid tail blanket while the house was being packed up, which is good!

mermaid tail blanket

This week I am working on another mermaid tail blanket. This one will be a snuggle blanket for a toddler, so closed all the way up the back. I love the colours for this one, they are gorgeous together! They are Stylecraft Special Aran in White, Cloud Blue and Aspen.

I am using a new technique with this mermaid tail. Instead of cutting off each colour once the row has been completed, I am carrying the yarn down the back and slip stitching to keep them in place. This means there aren’t any ends to sew in. Has anyone else done this? I like it, but it does mean I have three balls of yarn attached to my work at all times!

I have completed a couple of projects this week. The first is this pair of knitted mittens. I haven’t knitted in ages, but I really enjoyed making this little pair. Perhaps I should knit a hat to go with them?

The other completed item is this Minions set. This was so fun to make! It won’t be for sale, as that breaks copyright laws, but I loved making it – and I will be making Thomas one!

Like I said, its been a busy week here. Chloe started nursery today and I go back to the day job in a few weeks, but for now, I am enjoying spending a lot of time creating things!