WIP Wednesday – 21st December


Wow, just a few days until Christmas, how exciting! I love Christmas ☺️

I didn’t manage an update last week, had a really busy day. Today, as I’m now on annual leave and the children are at nursery, we are heading to the cinema! Can’t wait to see the new Star Wars film! And yes, I will have some crochet in my bag!

This is what I am currently working on:

This will be a scarf for me. The temperature has really dropped so I must get it finished!

These granny squares are also for me! They are going to be a lounge blanket. I have 33 colours to use, so it should be quite large!

This is a sneak preview of something new for 2017. I am loving knitting again.

Here is what I have made or finished in the last couple of weeks:

A Rasta hat! This was really fun to make.

This is an adult sized cat hat!

This is a Pokemon hat. I used felt for the features, which was a new technique for me. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

This is a chunky a yarn penguin hat. I love these!

I have finished this blanket. I love it, and so did my friend. I cannot wait to meet her baby!

I finished this yellow owl hat. This is a cute collection.

This is a chunky adult beanie hat. I think it looks good!

And I made another load of these hats:

It’s been quite a busy fortnight! 

I hope you have a lovely Christmas!