WIP: Chloe’s Cardigan Update

I am pleased to say that last night I managed to pick up all 213 stitches for the border of Chloe’s cardigan:


It was fairly difficult, but the instructions were clear:

213 stitches is a lot though!

I have spent today working on the border. After picking up all the stitches I had to do a knit row, which included a lot of increase stitches. The end stitch count is 249! I have now worked 5 rows for the border, 4 of which are rib rows and include the botton hole row:

This is my first time using circular needles and I am knitting in the round. I don’t think this is correct, but I edited the rib pattern so that it works and I don’t think you can see that I’ve made a mistake. There are only 2 more rib rows to go and then a cast off row, but I’m finding it takes about 40 mins to go one row as there are so many stitches.