The Woodland Animals Collection!


When I was planning 2018 I decided that each month I would release a new collection of hats. For January, it was the Woodland Animals Collection!

This is such a fun collection of hats! Some you will have seen before, others are new to Katie Creates. Let me introduce you to them…

The Badger

This guys is so cute…look at that little nose! This one is silver and grey, but it can also be made in white and black.

The Hedgehog 🦔

Look at this cutie! I think this is my favourite of the collection. Such a sweet face, and the bobbles look amazing!

The Mouse 🐁

The ears on this hat are so good!

The Rabbit 🐰

This one isn’t new, but is perfect for this collection. The bow adds such a lovely touch to this hat.

The Squirrel 🐿

This is definitely the most fun of the collection! Quirky is probably the best word! I just think this one is brilliant.

The Blue Bird 🐦

Well it wouldn’t be a woodland collection without a sweet bird would it?! This is similar to the chick hat, both are cute!

The Fox 🦊

Again, not a new hat, but one that fits into this collection perfectly. It’s been very popular this month too.

The Deer

This hat has the most adorable face – which is not a sentence I thought I would say! The button nose, eyes with eyelashes, and the heart…just cute!

So these are the five new hats added to Katie Creates from this collection. The list of animal hats now available is quite extensive! Well, babies and children do look adorable in fun hats!

So from this collection, which is your favourite?