The Pets Hat Collection

So as you know, I am aiming to release a new set of hats each month in 2018, and for March we have…

The Pets Collection

This is just a little collection, but it’s very cute! So we have…

🐰The Bunny Rabbit🐰

I have two versions of a rabbit hat; one with floppy ears and this one, with tall ears. This hat is so cute, and the flower is a sweet addition to it.

🐱The Cat Hat🐱

This hat is also not a new make for Katie Creates, but previously the only cat hat available was the black Halloween hat. Now, we have this adorable pet cat! The pink in the ears is sweet!

🐶The Dog Hat🐶

Check out this little puppy! Now this one is a new make, and is cute! I love the little eye patch.

🐹The Hamster Hat🐹

I have saved my favourite until last…the hamster hat! Look at the eyes, and the Pom Poms! Seriously, this is one cute hat!

So which is your favourite?

These hats are available in every size, newborn up to adult. They can be customised too! Which colours would you have?