Temperature Blanket 2016 Progress

We are already halfway through January, so I thought I would give you a quick update on my Temperature Blanket 2016:Temperature Blanket

As you can see, the temperature did finally change. Man it’s cold at the moment!

There are 366 days in this year, and that is not a number which divides up nicely! I have decided to do 14 squares across, and there will be 26 rows; this will leave two days to make the border.It is going to be huge! Each square is 3 inches, so the blanket will be 42in wide and 78in long. I think it will probably live on our bed once it’s finished.

I’m really pleased with it so far. Adding a border will tidy it up. There are some colours I’m hoping I don’t have to use: the dark blue and the purple especially at the moment!