Ta-da! Thomas’ Blanket

I am so excited to share this blog post with you: look, Thomas’ single bed blanket is finished!

I have spent a lot of time this week working on this blanket, as he has just moved into a full size single bed (notice his toddler bed mattress on the floor in case he rolls out…!) and I wanted this blanket finished for the new bed.

That said, I found him using it downstairs earlier!

It feels like ages ago that I started it – probably because it was! I chose these colours to match the striped wall in their room. I think the colours have worked out well.

This blanket is quite big: 37in x75in!

I used Stylecraft Special Aran yarn and a 6mm hook. I used a Red Hearts pattern to help with the starting chain.

The border is very simple: just DC (SC in US terms) stitches all the way round.

I’m pleased to report that Thomas loves this blanket!

I also love this blanket! What do you think?

Now to make one for Chloe Bean…