Ta-da! The V-Stitch Blanket!

Here it is: the v-stitch blanket made up from scraps of yarn I have in my stash!

I love it!

This is made using acrylic DK yarn and a 5mm hook. I started with a chain of 99, and the finished size is 34inx34in.

For my v-stitch, I simply did:

1TR (DC), 1ch, 1TR, all in the same space.

The edging is a simple shell stitch effect:

5TR (DC) in first space, 1DC (SC) in the next space

Using a random selection of colours, and having no set pattern order for them has worked out really well.

There is one downside to this style though…there were a lot of ends to sew in!

I am so pleased with how this blanket has turned out! What do you think?