Some Recent Hat Makes


This past fortnight I have made a range of new hats, mainly for the craft fair last weekend. I love making baby hats – especially fun animal ones!

I love this chick hat! This is the first time I have used buttons for eyes, instead of crocheted black circles. I think this would look equally adorable in light blue.

Oh my goodness, the cuteness in these bunny hats 😍 I don’t need to say much more: these are great!

I was a bit unsure how this sheep hat would turn out, but I am really pleased with it. It got a lot of love on social media too. There is something very adorable about this hat…imagine a newborn in it!

Now I know this isn’t an animal hat, but it is a recent make! I sold this gorgeous beanie hat at the craft fair to a couple visiting Brighton from New Zealand. The bought it for their granddaughter – this is her holiday present. I love knowing what happens to my makes, and I love this story…my little hat is going all the way to New Zealand 😮☺️

This next make won’t be available to order as I won’t sell anything that is copyright…these hats are for my friend:

That’s right….Batman hats! I think these are brilliant! Thomas loved these; I may have to make him one when winter returns!

And as a custom order, I have made an old favourite:

I love these fox hats! I don’t know what it is about them, I just think they are great. And how cute are the butterfly buttons?!

So, which hat is your favourite?!