November 2017

Hello December! It’s nearly Christmas! Yay! It’s also really cold…!

As you can see from the collage, it’s been a really busy month! I have made so many orders: THANK YOU!

Featured Product

November’s Featured Product were these gorgeous ear warmers! I have a few of the mice style ones to make as orders. I think I need to add the mice design into my hat range, what do you think?

I also made myself a simple headband:

So good at keeping the cold out!

Customer Orders

As I’ve mentioned, I have had a really busy month of orders. Thank you so much!

Pink Ripple Blanket

I haven’t put a post up yet about this gorgeous blanket, but I will! I love the ripple design, and the colours chosen are gorgeous!

Advent Calendar

I made another fabric advent calendar. They are so pretty 😍

Hat & Bootie Set

I love the simplicity of this set. The burgundy bows look gorgeous again the white!

Owl Hats

I made these four owl hats, both orders were for siblings. So cute! Twinning is winning!

Bee hats

This is a new design, a new style added to my hat range, and I have made two of these this month. They are unique and fun!

Reindeer Hats

You guys are loving the girly reindeer hats! Here are the four I made this month!

Hedgehog Dress

Look at this gorgeous dress! I absolutely love the fabric 🦔 This is such a sweet a-line dress, aged 2 years.

I also made one of these dresses aged 9-12m, which was a giveaway prize.

Bobble Hats

I made a bobble hat! This was for my friend’s son, and it matches Thomas’ bobble hat, which was the brief! I just get a photo of the two boys together in their matching hats. And look, this little guy loves it so much he eats his breakfast in it!

I also made one of these cute double Pom Pom hats. I love the Christmassy colours of this one!

Christmas Hats

This was a fun order to make: Christmas hats! One elf, one Santa! So cute and seasonal!

I made a baby Santa hat too. I hope we see photos of the baby in it!

Bear Hat

You guys don’t get tired of these bear hats. I love the colour of this one, and it looks adorable with the initial M on it.

Unicorn Hats

I introduced you to the unicorn hat this month, and you are loving it! I have made 5 so far, and have more ordered!

Ladybird hat

This ladybird hat is another new make this month, and again you are fans! Such a cute order!

Sewing Apart from the advent calendar and dress, I also spent some time learning to make dungarees!

I made a pair for Chloe in this gorgeous fabric, and she looks fab!

Haha she is such a fun model! She has all the moves!

Seriously though, I am so proud of myself! I love these!

Crochet I had a Christmas fair in the month so I made some hats for that too:

Yep a few other New makes in there too: a Santa hat with a beard, another bobble hat and a sloth! The sloth is my favourite and it looks fab on:

So that was November for me! Very busy, very fun! I still have lots of orders to make, which is fab, so December isn’t looking too quiet either!