My Favourite Yarn…Stylecraft Yarn

I have been asked quite a lot what my favourite yarn is, and the answer is always the same: Stylecraft yarn. I particularly like their Special range. It is really soft acrylic, that is easy to crochet and knit with, and comes in loads of gorgeous colours:

This here is almost all the 85 colours they do in their DK range, including their three brand new shades:

These three colours are gorgeous! I bought them as soon as they were released earlier this year, and they will be part of my lounge blanket.

It is definitely hard for me to choose my favourite shade. Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised that blue features highly in my opinion:

However, I do have a few other favourites too, including a pink!

This yarn is great. It doesn’t split when using it. It is really soft, so perfect for babies. With so many colours, there are tons of projects this yarn can be used for. I am currently using it to make my lounge blanket – its colourful, snuggling and beautiful!

I asked Thomas what his favourite shade is, and he quickly chose Royal Blue.

The Special Aran and Chunky range doesn’t have as many shades, which is a shame, but the yarn is still the same top quality.

Here are some projects I have made in this yarn:

I have used Stylecraft Merry-Go-Round as well.

These are also lovely yarn, and I love the range of self striping yarn available. The pink is very pink though haha!

Here is the Merry-Go-Round worked up:

I work with other yarn as well, but my favourite is simply Stylecraft!