My 30 Shades Blanket

Good morning!

Over the past six months I have been part of Jo.Knit.Sew’s 30 Shades Club, receiving hand dyed yarn each month. Look how gorgeous it is! Thirty shades of rainbow 🌈😍I have spent a lot of time deciding what I am going to use the yarn for, and eventually made a decision!

Yep, a blanket! This is a v-stitch blanket, which I started yesterday. This will be for our lounge.

This is the first pack, and it’s all done!

The colours are gorgeous, and it feels amazing! The white is Stylecraft Special DK, and it works well with the hand dyed yarn.I think one of the things which was putting me off starting this project was the fact I had to wind the yarn. I don’t have a wool winder, so I have to do it like this:

It’s not the fastest system, but it works!Here are the other colour packs:

Aren’t they stunning?! My favourite is pack four – the blues and greens 💚💙💚I am working through pack two now, and it’s looking fab!

So if anyone needs me today, this is what I’ll be doing:

Yep, reading and crocheting! And expect more updates on this blanket 😁This blanket is 30in wide, and I am using a 5mm hook.