Mermaid Tails

Mermaid tails are really popular at the moment, and I have made quite a few. These look fab, and keep you warm and cosy. And, they are not just for children! Looking for a way to stay warm in the evenings? This might be the answer!

I can make three different styles, and offer all of them in baby to adult sizes.

These simple mermaid tails look gorgeous. They are stylish and soft, with a classic look.

These are snuggle sacks. These come up to your waist and make a cocoon, super warm and snuggly!

This final style is actually a blanket, with the bottom sewn together to make the tail. The top of the blanket will open out and spread across your lap.

So which is your favourite style? You can order any style you like, in any size, and in any colour. Visit my Etsy shop or message me through my Facebook page for more details!