Well I’m not sure where this year is going! May seemed to be very productive for me:


I started the month off with this quick adult headband. Unfortunately the lighting is rubbish in this photo, but this is a cotton headband in cream and yellow. This was a customer order, which is going to be a birthday present.



How about a toddler sun hat?! This is for Thomas, and is also made out of cotton yarn. He looks really cute in it!





These are baby hair bobbles! Very tiny flowers on very tiny hair bands. Cute!





This is my first attempt at a road trip scarf. It is a summer shawl, made in acrylic yarn. It took me longer than expected to make though! It can be purchases here in my Etsy shop.




This is my first attempt at a crochet cardigan, and I am really pleased with how it turned out!





I was so pleased with the other cardigan, that I made this little one! I love this rainbow yarn!





I love this little set! It is made from cream and pale pink cotton yarn. This is such a sweet hat and bootie set!




A rainbow granny square blanket. Again, the yarn is gorgeous! This is such a





This is another attempt at a cardigan – this is of the shrug variety. Made using scrap yarn, I like it!





What saddens me about this hat, is that in this photo you can’t see the sparkles. This sweet hat is glittery and fits a newborn.






I have made a lot of dribble bibs this month – at least 14! All using this lovely wildlife fabric. They are so pretty!




This is one of the more practical things I can make: hooded towels. These are made using bath towels, so are suitable for children and adults. 




This cushion was a practice run for my sister-in-law’s birthday present. I am really pleased with how this one turned out.





This is the first fabric storage box I have made. My friend asked if I could make them, so this is my first attempt. It is really little, just  10cm tall!




img_1680This is the second fabric box I made – this time I added interfacing to make the sides more stable.






Here is the order my friend made. It is tall – 8in and the fabric is gorgeous. I’m pleased to report, my friend was very pleased with it.






I started this cushion probably a year ago and never finished it, so when I came across the pieces I decided to finish it. The patchwork is a little bit wonky, but I like it! This is for Thomas’ room, and he likes it!