Katie Creates

Hello! I’m Katie, and one of the things I love doing is making stuff! I always have loads of projects on the go, and yet still buy more yarn and fabric, ready for the next project! I decided it might be fun to blog what I am working on and what I finally finish!

I love craft. I knit, crochet, sew and cross stitch. I am new to crochet and sewing, but that doesn’t stop me being ambitious and having a go. I love starting new projects, playing with different colours and ideas. I spend quite a lot of time on Pinterest looking for new ideas.

If you would like to follow me on Social Media, here are the details:

Instagram: katiecreatesuk

Twitter: @katie_createsuk

Pinterest:  Katie Leversuch

So, a little bit more about me: I live in the UK, am married and have two gorgeous children, a boy and a girl. I work for my church but am currently enjoying maternity leave. I love sport, especially football and cricket. I also love reading, and run It’s Time to Read!