June 2017


So we are halfway through the year. I can’t believe it’s already July!

As you can see from the above photo, I made quite a lot in June!

Customer Orders

I’m sad to say I only had two orders in June, both for hats.

This gorgeous yellow sun hat was an Etsy order, and has made its way to Dover in America! I love getting international orders.

This simple beanie hat is for a premature baby. The hat is so small! My friend ordered this for her grandson.

New Product!

In June I launched a new product: a baby gift hamper!

I love this set! It contains:

  • A cot size blanket
  • A beanie hat
  • A pair of mittens
  • A pair of booties
  • Bunting

I am so proud of this set. I have already blogged about this set so won’t say anymore, apart from the fact it was quite a lot of work!

Baby Basics

I have still been making blankets for Baby Basics with friends from the church. I have been using it as a way to try out new patterns and colour schemes.

This was my first attempt at a ripple blanket. I really like the effect the rainbow has in the midst of a plain white blanket. It’s stunning!

The other blanket I made for Baby Basics was a star blanket…and you know how much I love those!

This one is different as it’s monochrome. I wasn’t sure how this would work out, but it’s gorgeous!


I made just one present this month: a simple granny square blanket…except this is a mitered square

Again, I have blogged about this before so won’t say much else about it. I am pleased to say that my friends really like it!

Etsy Shop Items

I have been slowly adding stock to my Etsy shop too. You can find these items here.

This is a new style hat for my shop. It is made using the block stitch technique and I  calling them hospital hats, as I am making them newborn size – perfect for keeping little ones head warm once born.

I think it’s a really effective stitch, and looks gorgeous as a tiny hat. I must try it as a blanket too!

I love baby booties. I also love making them. They are so small and cute!

This is my first time making baby loafers, and I love how they turned out! It was a simple pattern to follow, and these neutral colours work really well together. 

Well you just can’t have too many hats & booties sets can you?! I love the colours of this set – the turquoise really finishes it off.

Work in Progress

What isn’t shown in the collage are my two work in progress items!

This is attic24’s Hydrangea Blanket. This is a big and slow project, but I love it! The colours are gorgeous and the pattern is simple but effective. It is a joy to be making.

The second project is this shells baby blanket. It is a similar pattern to the Hydrangea Blanket and looks lovely in these pastel shades. This was one of those work in progress projects that had been put away for a while. I am pleased to have it back out, it is a lovely item.


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