February 2016

Wow, it’s already March! Did you make the most of Leap Day this week? I can’t say I did anything out of the ordinary. Had a nice coffee day with a friend though!

So February was a busy month for me. I made three blankets, one garland and five headbands. Plus I made a few granny squares, flowers and stars for packaging, a sweet heart and started another blanket!

These are the blankets I made:

February BlanketsI love that they are all different. I will write up separate posts about them soon but I do think the colours and styles are lovely!

Here are the headbands I made:

February HeadbandsMy sister-in-law wanted ear warmers, which started this little project for me. Having shown the ear warmers on my Facebook page, I was asked to make toddler ones. This led me to make Chloe Bean a matching headband to the dress my mother-in-law made her, as a practise for the orders you understand! I had fun learning how to make headbands around hair ties and working out what crochet stitch to use in order for a button to be placed on. The cream and pink flower headband is available to buy in my Etsy shop.

The other couple of things I have made this month are this garland:

Japanese flower garland

This is available to buy in my Etsy shop now.

I have also made several granny squares and a heart! I have enjoyed thinking about how to package items too. This is what I have done so far:

February packagingI’m looking forward to seeing what will happen in March!

If you have seen an item you would like me to make, please visit my Etsy shop or email info@katiecreates.uk and we can discuss what I can make for you!