Fabric Storage Bins

I have been spending a lot of time at my sewing machine recently, and I have been loving it! My friend asked me if I could make her a fabric storage box, as an order. I hadn’t made one before but I was up for the challenge! I read a lot of tutorials, bought all the supplies, and decided to have a go using a mish mash of instructions. Here is my first attempt:

This one is tiny, a mere 10cm! I based this primarily o know the fabric toy cubes I made Thomas when he was small:

I cut out five squares, sewed on the four sides to the base, then sewed up the sides. I repeated this with the lining, and with right sides together, I sewed around the top of the both the lining and the main fabric, leaving a small gap for turning out. Once I had turned out the fabric, I topped stitch all the way round the top.

Here is my second attempt:

The sides of this one are much straighter. I ironed interfacing onto the lining, which has made the box more rigid. It did make the turning out more difficult though!

Here is the storage bin I made my friend:

This fabric is gorgeous! I have since had another order for a storage bin:

If you would like to order a fabric storage bin please get in touch either by emailing info@katiecreates.uk or through my Facebook page.