December 2017

Hello and happy new year! Welcome to 2018!

^^that’s the front page of my scrap book Katie Creates planner. I’m pleased with how it turned out!

Anyway, this blog is about December, not my doodling haha!

As you can see, it was a mega busy month! I’ve had a couple of weeks off the day job for Christmas, which has helped! I need to also say a massive thank you to my husband Chris, who supports my business in many ways, but mainly by releasing me to go be creative while he spends time with our children.

Featured Product

December’s Featured Product was dungarees! I still love these, and the fabric. And J looks adorable in them 😍 I have since made these in navy and dinosaur fabrics too.

Customer Orders

< ook how many orders I got! Thank you all so much!! So I have made: Hats and headbands:

  • Bee
  • Ladybird
  • 2 penguins
  • 7 Santa hats with beards
  • 2 foxes
  • Sloth
  • 3 owls without ear flaps
  • 2 owls with ear flaps
  • 4 bears
  • 2 unicorns
  • Simple beanie hat
  • Badger
  • Rasta hat
  • 2 mouse headbands

Here are some of them:


Surprisingly I made two pairs of mittens this month

Dragon Gloves

< have written a blog post about these so won't say much more, except check these out! First time making an item like this, and I am proud of them! Baby Mittens I have made these before, and they are super cute! These were ordered to match a hat & bootie set my customer already had.

Sewing orders:


I received and made two orders for navy dungarees. I love them! Simple and stylish! I have a planned blog post about these so won’t say any more about them now.

Hooded towels

< gain, I have already blogged about this so I don't need to say any more. It was fun making these again. Crochet< he first thing I have to show you is this completed blanket: < hat's right, I finished Thomas' blanket! Wahoo! I love it! And so does he! < have made lots of hats too. < tarted with my kiddies, I made them Christmas hats! And they look adorable in them! Chloe loves her elf hat, she is still wearing out! So this is my nephew, Little J. And here he is with Chloe, just being generally adorable! Oh yeah, and I have him that hat! I made it as an order but it came up too small, so Little J now has it. And he is a gorgeous model!

Animal hats:

I made a sweet teddy bear hat, just because! And I added four new designs to the collection:





Which is your favourite? Keep your eyes peeled for a blog about these soon!

Crochet Gifts

Out friends had their second sweet girl, who was tiny, just 4lb, so I made a couple of prem size hats. And here she is, modelling the bear hat!


And finally, I have enjoyed a lot of time at my sewing machine. I made my first ever top – this included adding a neckband and inserting sleeves. Here is the top:

I am so proud of myself! Keep your eyes peeled for more tops!

I have enjoyed making dungarees, and that includes this gorgeous pair:

Dinosaur dungarees! So cute!

And finally, I have made Chloe two dresses. The first was an a-line dress, in gorgeous hedgehog fabric

And this long sleeve dress, which will be January’s Featured Product

So it’s been a busy month! Again, thank you for all your support, I so appreciate it!

And Happy New Year!