Daisy Granny Square Blanket

 Sometimes projects don’t go to plan. This is what happened with my Daisy Granny Square blanket:


There are several problems with this blanket:

  1. Joining as I go has made it messy. I could do with blocking my squares first.
  2. I don’t like the pink petals. I think the daisies look better white.
  3. The white squares next to each other don’t work well. The plain square should be yellow.
  4. Talking of yellow squares…I ran out of yarn so ordered more. However, the dye lot was different, so the yellows are clearly different;


I have learnt some keys lessons from this project:

  1. Don’t run out of yarn! And dye lots are important!
  2. Be happy with the plan before starting.
  3. Blocking is important, as is practising joining squares.

I really like the white daisy, I am definitely hoping to make another one of these blankets. I still think it would look nice with a green edge not white.

Instead of scrapping the blanket, as I had planned to do, my friend suggested it becomes a doll blanket, so that is what I have done:


This creepy doll is called Cherry and is mine! I had it as a girl. We gave it to Thomas when we were expecting Chloe Bean to practise having a baby around. At least now she is warm!