Customer Order: Star Blanket

A little while ago I received an order from America for this gorgeous blanket. It was ready to ship, so I popped it in the post and thought no more of it. That is, until I received a message on Etsy from the cousin of the person who had received the blanket. She loved it! And then the person who got it as a gift messaged me, and she was really pleased with it. She was kind enough to share some photos of her precious bundle, Cambrie Ann with me:

Isn’t she the sweetest?! I am so pleased the blanket is so well loved. I wanted to share what she said with you too:

Such kind words! It was really nice to receive this wonderful feedback. In fact, the cousin who originally got in touch with me has ordered one of these blankets in blue and green, like this one:

These blankets cost £25, and can be ordered here.