Customer Order: Knitted Stripe Blanket

I was asked to make a knitted blanket by a customer, whose friend hasn’t found out what gender their baby is. We went for strong, bright, neutral colours and this was the end result:

Knitted Stripe Blanket

This was a very simple blanket to knit up. Using Stylecraft Special Aran yarn, and 6.5mm needles, I cast on 80 stitches, which gave a width of 20in, and then I just used garter stitch. To get to 20in in length, I knitted 140 rows. To create the random stripe pattern I did have a little bit of help! I used this random stripe generator. Who know such a thing existed?! Although I didn’t stick rigidly to the pattern it gave me, I did find it helpful for getting a good mix of colours.

Now you might be wondering why the edges have a ribbon round them, instead of crochet. I would have liked to crochet the edges but I learned a valuable lesson about weaving in ends with this project. Its not something I am good at – even with the assistance of Google, so I foolishly knotted some of them ends and just cut them off. This was a HUGE mistake. Even if the weaving in isn’t very good, it must still be done. By just chopping off the ends, I made the rows very unstable and likely to come apart. The solution to this was to sew on pretty satin ribbon. It does give a lovely edge, but I would have liked to crochet it. There were a lot of tears over this finish, and my very patient husband did have to help me, but we made it work and it looks really good.

Knitted stripe blanket Knitted stripe blanket knitted stripe blanket knitted stripe blanket

There were a lot of ends, as I changed colour every 2 to 4 rows!

knitted blanket ends

This has made a pretty pot though! I am really pleased with this blanket. Its bright and colourful, yet soft and snuggly.

If you would like to order a custom blanket, please email or visit my Etsy page