Customer Order: Hooded Towels

Good morning!

Today I want to share with you these hooded towels, which were a customer order. I don’t list these as an item to buy, but do make them – this is a great example of enquiring about a custom make, as I am very willing to make things which I don’t list!

These hooded towels were ordered by my colleague from the day job for her niece’s baby. I made the large one using a bath towel and half a hand towel for the hood. The small one is a hand towel, with the other half of the first hand towel cut in half as the hood again.

These are a fab size! I made some of the bath towel sized hooded towels for Chloe Bean when she was a baby, and they are still large and cuddly on her now.

I decorated these hooded towels with matching unicorn ribbon. It is very sweet!

These are a really useful baby gift. Shops generally only sell newborn size hooded towels, which are only useful for a few weeks. These will last for years!

So what do you think? Let me know if you would like to order one!

Bath towel hooded towel £18

Hand towel hooded towel £15