Customer Order: Floor Rug

A couple of weeks ago I made this rug for one of my regular customers. She was moving into her first flat and wanted something pretty for it. She asked for a rug, which I had never made before, and we looked at yarn and patterns, and I made this stunning rug.

The pattern can be found here. I used t-shirt yarn, which I have never worked with before, and a massive 15mm hook:


I didn’t realised this was a hank of yarn, not already rolled up for me, so I had great fun sorting it out:

img_5450 img_5466 img_5451

It only took a day to make this, as the yarn and hook were so big. I really enjoyed making it, but my hand did hurt after a while!

img_5452 img_5468

I am so pleased with how it turned out:

floor rug

And here it is, in its home:

crochet floor rug

(Can you also spot the cushion I made in that picture too?!)

You can order your own rug here.