Customer Order: Bunting

Ta-dah! I am pleased to show you the finished fabric bunting a customer ordered:

The completed order is two 9m long sets of semi-circle shaped flag bunting, using four gorgeous fabrics.

Look at the prettiness!

This was a big order, but I loved making it! Here is a picture of the template I used. You can see it is quite well worn out!

So the semi-circle is 11.5in wide and 6.25in deep. 

I used simple white ribbon and all the flags are backed with white fabric.

Here are a few progress shots:

I am so pleased with how this bunting has turned out. The fabric choices are gorgeous and work so well together. It’s hard to get some good shots of the bunting though, as it’s so long!

The animal fabrics are so cute I have decided to use them to make bunting for the children’s room. And of course, it will be semi-circle shaped – I think that style flag looks fab! I will of course share pictures of their finished bunting too!

So what do you think of this order? Do get in touch if you would like to place an order for such lovely bunting!