Customer Order: bunting triangles!

That’s right, this customer order was for 50 bunting triangles…but not made into bunting!

This order actually took longer than expected to make. One triangle would take up to 30 minutes to make, and 50 is quite a lot!

I made several different styles:

Plain old granny triangles

I changed up the granny triangle and added a wavy edge

I made lacy triangles

And the final triangles are very sweet hearts

As you can see, that is a lot of triangles! 

The customer didn’t mind what colours I used, so I used a whole range of them! I loved being able to mix colours together, see what worked together and just have a play!

And of course I have my favourites:

Which are your favourites?

The heart bunting is now available to order! Either visit my Facebook page or my Etsy page and get in touch!