Customer Order: blanket repair

This customer order is one of my favourite makes this year. It is such a special make: my friend asked me to save her son’s comforter. This was a well loved, 10 year old granny square blanket, which was falling apart and had lost its colour. We cut off one clear square from the blanket, and my job was simply to add several new rows to it, to make it last longer.

This is the starting square, which I was very relieved didn’t fall apart once I took off all the old yarn!

it didn’t take long to add in the new rows:

My friend’s son chose the colours and the order they were to go in. He also decided how many rows I would add in.

It was such a privilege to be allowed to rescue such a precious item. I am really pleased with how it turned out, and hopefully this comforter will last another 10 years!

And I’m pleased to say, both Mum and Son are thrilled with the blanket. Here is my friend’s son, with his special blanket. He loves it!