On Instagram I follow a page called Craftastherapy, and the theme this week is Flash Your Stash…so here is mine:

Flash Your Stash

This did have white drawers in in, hiding all my yarn, but I decided I needed to look at it every time I go into our bedroom! My husband commented just this morning that this may look a bit too much like a yarn shop. I love it! A lot of this yarn was my Gran’s, and some of it is left overs from my Mum, as scraps make lovely blankets.

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Easy suggests that you show your workplace as part of the shop advertising, so I took a quick photo of mine to show you:

Katie Creates Workspace

As you can see…more yarn! When I am working, the sewing machine goes away and my laptop comes out, but I’m on maternity leave at the moment so making the most of this little corner. The beautiful sewing box I was given by a friend in our church. It was his Nan’s, and then his Mum’s. It is a massive honour to now own it.

The yarn you can see on display here do have some order: on the desk we have the hat I made Thomas, which needs a couple more rows; my temperature blanket (the rest of the yarn is on the shelves underneath) and the yarn for my current project – a v-stitch cot blanket for a customer. Underneath is yarn for my next customer order, yarn to make a blue granny square blanket and yarn I got from my husband for my birthday to make Chloe Bean a couple of bits. So many projects…so little time…

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