Colour Pallets: Fuchsias

I love colour, and find myself thinking about colour combinations a lot. I look for colour wherever I go, and where better to look for beautiful combinations than in nature?

A few months ago I ordered these yarn pegs from Country Crafts – they are all the Stylecraft Special DK yarns, which makes matching colours and planning blankets much easier. Look how many different shades there are!

Like I said, I have been looking at nature for different colour pallets. I started in my garden, and as I was cutting back my fuchsia I noticed the different shades and colour combinations:

My fuchsia had two different colour flowers on it. Here is the pallet for the first bud:

The yarns are Plum, Pomegranate and Grass Green.

This is the second flower, which is much darker:

Here is the colour pallet for it:

The yarns are Emperor, Lipstick, Claret and Pistachio.

Both of these pallets are beautiful! I don’t think I would have put these colours together, but they are both lovely combinations, and would make gorgeous blankets.