Christmas Sewing

I have really enjoyed time spent at my sewing machine the last couple of months as I have created Christmas decorations. I have made an advent calendar, two stockings and a lot of stars!

Makower Advent Calendar

This is the advent calendar I made. This is a Makower Advent Panel. This one is for my daughter Chloe (although she is only 3 months old!). Last year, I made one for my son Thomas so I knew what to expect. This wasn’t a tough make. The panel comes with the instructions printed along the bottom – you just match up the pockets and sew in straight lines. It is the cutting, folding and ironing which seems to take forever!



These stockings were also very simple to make. I followed the pattern and tutorial from Sew Like My Mom, and am really pleased with how they turned out. I bought the fabric from my local fabric shop More Sewing.


And stars….I have made a lot of stars! I just used a star outline and drew round it on my fabric – wrong sides together. I then top stitched all the way round, which means no turning the fabric the right way round and trying to poke out the corners! I will be hanging these in my windows.

I love Christmas and I have loved all this sewing!