Sweetpea Blanket: Part 4

Good evening! I hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to do a last Sweetpea Blanket update before I show you the final item.

Look how big it is now! I knew it was getting long, but until I laid it out earlier, I had no idea it was quite so big. I measured the blanket, and it is currently 120cm wide and 170cm long.

This is such a gorgeous blanket. As I've said before, these aren't normally the colours I go for, but all of them together are beautiful. And this Trellis Stitch...whatever angle you look at it, it looks amazing! Lucy, over at Attic24 is so talented.

So, confession time: I am actually behind on this blanket. I have been making your orders, and knitting presents for friends, which has meant I have had to put this project down. I am on Part 5, and still have rows 68-83 to make. As mine is already really long, I need to decide if I add in all of those rows or not.

Here are the first four parts, section by section:

These rows are the beginning of Part 5:

Look at how vibrant the colours are! The dark purple is currently my favourite in this blanket. It is Stylecraft Special Plum, and it is stunning. I am really hoping it features in the border. What a gorgeous shade!

And this is me...hi! I don't often show my face in blog posts or on social media, but I couldn't resist a snap of me with this incredible blanket.

Goodness, just look at how pretty it is...I can't wait to finish it and reveal it in all its gorgeous splendour!

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