Sweet Pea Part 2

Good morning and happy Wednesday! :-)

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time crocheting, and I completed the first 15 rows of Attic24's crochet-a-long: The Sweet Pea Blanket!

Doesn't it look gorgeous?! This is not a pallet I would have chosen myself - I generally avoid pink - but these colours together look beautiful. These are the 15 shades that Lucy has chosen, her inspiration being sweet peas. The only colour not used so far is Clematis.

The Trellis Stripe design by Lucy is simple and enjoyable; and it adds a wonderful texture to the blanket. 

I am really enjoying making this blanket. It will be for Chloe Bean once finished, and she already loves it! I am looking forward to the second part of CAL, which will be released on Friday. As ever, keep up to date with my progress through my Instagram stories, and check back here for more posts. For now, I am going back to my Woodland Stripe blanket...which is considerably bigger than the Sweet Pea blanket...

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