Sweet Pea Blanket Part 3

Hello! Here is my quick Sweet Pea Blanket update for you!

I have finished Part 2 of CAL by Attic24, and it is looking gorgeous! Here are a couple "in progress" pictures:

The texture of this blanket is amazing. The way the pattern has created such a unique and pretty look is astounding - Lucy is such a brilliant pattern writer.

And the way the colours work together is beautiful. I would never have chosen to put these various shades of pink and purple together, but the overall effect is wonderful. I particularly like these yarn colours together:

This is:

- pistachio

- soft peach

- wisteria

- clematis

- violet

The five together are gorgeous - they would make a fabulous combination for a blanket.

So it has taken me a little longer than last week to finish Part 2 as both me and my Beanie have been taken down by a cold and fever, plus I was finding my crochet hook was hurting my hand. No fear though, I have treated myself to another PedrosPlaques hook. I have several from them now, and love them all!

So here is my completed Part 2 of the Sweet Pea Blanket:

It is hard to take good photos of Part 2 as its so grey at the moment...its been grey outside most of the week in fact. Mind you, after being cooped up indoors the past few days, I was pleased to be outside in the wind and damp, just to clear my head a bit!

Anyway, I am loving this blanket. I can't wait for Part 3, and to show you my progress. As ever, keep up to date by following me on Instagram or Facebook; and stay tuned for more blog posts!

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