Baby Basics Blankets

These past few months, with a group of friends, I have been making blankets that are being donated to the Baby Basics boxes. Baby Basics is an initiative set up by our church to give boxes of supplies to new Mums in need. Included in these boxes are nappies, vests and toiletries, plus other essential items that are needed when you have a newborn. It has been a privilege to make blankets to give to these precious families. 

I wanted to show you some of blankets that we have made – there are some talented ladies here! I made the rainbow granny square blanket, and the pink and blue corner to corner one. The rest have been made by my friends. Some of them I have shown closer up, as they are simply amazing!

These are not all the blankets we have made, some have already been donated. We are going to continue making the blankets, so keep your eyes peeled for more blog posts in the future!