August 2017

Hello and welcome to September!

We will soon be entered Autumn, which I think is my favourite season, 🍁🍂🍁 but for now let’s have a glance back at August.

August’s New Product

August’s New and featured product is this: a hooded blanket

This one is actually a present, but I love this new style of blanket that I now offer!

Customer Orders

I love making customer orders! Here is what I created in August:


This bunting is so pretty! I love the semi-circle flags, makes it a bit more interesting and unique.

Star Blanket

I love these! This was done in the colour’s of a company logo, and they look fab together!

Crown Headband

This is an adult size crown with a twist: it is actually a headband, and on the back are two buttons so it is adjustable.

Badger Hat

Animal hats are so cute, and this badger one is no exception! I just love it!


As I mentioned, the hooded blanket was a gift. I have made one other this month:

Sibling bear hats! So cute 😍☺️


Giveaway Prize

I ran a giveaway on my Facebook page back in July, and this is what the winner chose. I love the bow on the bear hat ❤️

Rainbow Star Blanket

I have made two star blankets this month, and this is the second one. I love it! The colour’s are amazing!

Block Stitch Blanket and Hat

I love this set! This is the first one I have made a block stitch blanket and I think it has turned out brilliantly!


I have fallen in love again with my sewing machine 😍☺️ I am so pleased I received the bunting order, as I had forgotten how much I love sewing. I seem to have made loads on my machine since…

More Bunting!

What can I say? I loved the other so much I made the children bunting too!


Chloe has been my model this month, and I made her these two skirts. I’ll do a blog on them soon, but I am pleased with how they turned out!


So this first dress is also Chloe’s. I love the fabric! It is gorgeous, and she looks cute in it!

These two are aged 3-6m and are both in my Etsy shop. I love them both, think they are both adorable! 

So it seems I have been busy this month! I do have some work in progresses though…

This is the beginning of September’s new product…

And the Hydrangea Blanket! I am now way over halfway, but it’s still not finished!

What have you made this month?