April 2017


So let’s have a look at April! As you can see from the top photo, it was surprisingly busy!

Customer Orders

Crowns! And made in gorgeous gold yarn. These are going to be used in a twin newborn photo shoot. I can’t wait to see the photos 😍

Those same twins are also getting these bear hats and booties. This order isn’t quite complete – the booties need bear buttons and the hats are going to have the first initial on them.

At the craft fair I attended at the beginning of the month I received an order for a fox hat. I had forgotten how much I like making these!


I made a second circle granny square blanket. These two blankets are for the twins who are getting g the crowns. This is made using Stylecraft Special Aran. I love the effect of the bright circles as dark grey background. Here are the two blankets together:

That’s right: Batman hats! These are for my friend. I enjoyed making these hats, but I wasn’t a fan of the ears! I had to unpick the ears on the first hat as placing them well is tricky! 

Another friend is expecting a little girl any day now, so I made a sweet sun hat and booties set for her. Those Mary Janes are cute! The yarn is actually sparkly, but my camera isn’t good enough to show that unfortunately.


I made a lot of hats in April – I’ve already shown you six! With the Easter craft fair I wanted to have more spring hats to display, so I made these:

They are so cute! You can read more about them here.

Baby Basics Blankets

As you know, I have been making blankets with my friends to donate to Baby Basics. I finished this corner to corner blanket in Ice Yarns in April. I love the colours in it!

This granny square blanket is made up using squares made by me and my friend. I joined them and added the border. I love a bright blanket! Also – do you like my new slippers?!

You can read more about what we are doing here.


At the end of March I bought some gorgeous hand dyed cotton yarn, and so of course I had to use it as soon as it was delivered!

This is the end result! Isn’t it gorgeous?! It is available to buy in my Etsy shop now.

And finally, my lounge blanket. It’s quite a lot bigger now, with all the squares made. It is made using Stylecraft Special DK yarn in 32 shades. It is soft and colourful, and I love it! You can read more about this blanket here.

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