2017 Top Makes

Hello! How is your weekend going? I wanted to share with you my top ten makes of 2017:

I made a lot in 2017 so narrowing this done was tricky; and you’ll see the choices are different from June, when I did my top five.

10. Sloth hat

This is my favourite hat make. I love it! I think it’s so cute! What a fun and different design 🙂

9.Long sleeve t-shirt

This isn’t a very spectacular top, or one that will be sold, but it was my first time making an item of clothing that involved adding a neckband and attaching sleeves. It was tricky, there was a lot of unpicking, lots of trial and error, but I did it! And for that, I am very proud. And since then, I have made this gorgeous top:

8. Rainbow ripple blanket

I love this blanket! It was my first time using the ripple pattern, and I’d never set up a colour pattern like this. The finished blanket was gorgeous.

7. Scrappy v-stitch blanket

Who knew such a gorgeous blanket could be made using scraps of yarn, and any colour repeat?

6. A-line dress

I have chosen this dress for a couple of reasons. The first is just that it’s lovely! The second is that it was the item that ignited my love of the sewing machine again, and started my journey into making clothes.

5. Long sleeve jersey dress

< made this right at the end of year, but I love how it looks, and it shows how far my sewing has come. This is jersey knit fabric, and includes a neckband and sleeve - big achievements for me! And this dress is just stunning. 4. Dungarees

< hese are just amazing! The fabric is so cute, and this is just a fab make. Adding the lining and the cuffs was tricky, but I love the overall look of these. < . Baby gift hamper I am really proud of this make. It’s a fab item, and the colours in this set look great together. This hamper is easily one of my favourite items.

2. Granny square blanket

This is the biggest blanket, and item, I have ever made. It took ages, and was a real labour of love. I am so proud of it. And we still love it! Here are the children snuggled under it over Christmas.

1. Granny stripe blanket

I think this my favourite make of 2017 because I have just finished it haha! I spent a lot of time making this, and spent a lot of time over Christmas making it. The colours are lovely, picked to match the children’s room, and the pattern is simple just effective. I love it, and more importantly, Thomas loves it!

What are you favourite Katie Creates makes of 2017?