Custom Orders: Blankets

If you would like to order a custom made blanket please contact me on The blankets available are:

Crochet Granny Square Blankets

Granny Square blanketGranny Square Blanket Granny Square blanket Granny Square blanket

These can be plain squares, multi-coloured squares or squares with daisies in them:

Granny Square

IMG_9144Daisy Granny Square

V-Stitch Stripe Crochet Blankets

Double v-stitch blanket Double v-stitch blanket Double v-stitch blanket Double V-Stitch Blanket V-Stitch BlanketV-Stitch Blanket

v-stitch blanket

Corner to Corner Blankets

Corner to Corner blanket

IMG_9522 IMG_9504 IMG_9524 IMG_9528

Granny Star Crochet Blanket

Granny Star Blanket

Granny Star Blanket

IMG_8874 IMG_8875 IMG_8877

Granny Stripe Blanket

IMG_9213 IMG_9214 IMG_9223 IMG_9220

Knitted Blanket

Knitted Blanket Knitted blanket Knitted blanket

IMG_8588 IMG_8587 IMG_8586 IMG_8584


The yarns I use are either Stylecraft Special acrylic yarn; Drops cotton yarn or Ice Yarn for those multicoloured blankets.

Please get in touch to discuss any orders.

All blankets come from a smoke and pet free home.

I am also working on a stock of ready to buy blankets.